Have you ever thought of using subway coupons to help you save money in this economy? Well, this is not exactly a new concept because quite a number of people are already saving thousands each year by simply giving the  cashier a coupon every time they eat at this popular restaurant.

The discounts they offer  may not seem like much when you first consider it, but by getting a dollar off here and there, you can save a significant amount of money over a period of time.

Besides its famous subs, this fast food joint, which is loved by millions, offers everything from soft ice cream, sodas and ice teas to soups, fries and salads. Subway is one of the most popular restaurant chains in the country, which means that at one time or the other, you will eat their salads and sandwiches either by yourself or with family and friends so why would you pass up on the chance to lower the bill each time you have to spend money there?

Where Can I Get a Printable Subway Coupons?

You can get them online from any websites that offer them and from your local newspaper and coupon directories. You can also have these coupons emailed to you each day or sent in the mail. Subway releases special coupons every once in a while, and they offer things like a free meal within a particular budget, but these kinds of coupons are harder to find.

Are all the coupons legit

There have been cases where shoppers have their coupons rejected by stores, but this only happens if a coupon is counterfeit or expired. You need to get these coupons from valid dealers, and keep an eye on the expiry date so they don’t get rejected.

subway couponsYou can also find promo codes online which you can print out right from your home printer. The majority of the time, these coupons will have a long expiry date- usually more than three months, so you can use them at your convenience. The coupons don’t carry a cash value so the only way to benefit from them is to use them at participating Subways.

Coupons for Subway don’t work across state lines so only use them at your local stores. If you travel a lot and end up collecting these, then make sure you use them in their respective states.

If you love to bargain-shop, then you will not want to miss out on the huge amount of money to be saved. So keep an eye out for Subway’s major discount offers by visiting their website and subscribing to their newsletter.

There are a few cool apps online that have been designed specifically for those who eat at fast food joints. These apps can help you save money, and they can be very useful in giving you tips on Subway and how you can take advantage of their discounts.

Subway always has a “deal of the month” where you can save huge amounts by using their coupons and get great deals for the money you do end up spending. For instance, every day in the month of April, Subway offered a free 6″ sandwich when you purchase one before 9am.

Most of the best deals weren’t necessary for this; customers just asked for the BOGO deal and they had it. Check on subway coupons regularly to find out what cool deals they have for you to take advantage of this month, and you will find a simple and fun way to save money every time you eat at Subway.