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L’Shir A Cappella is the premiere a cappella group at The University of Hartford. It was created in the Spring of 2000, with Benjamin Rauch as music director. Originally an all-Jewish a cappella group, L’Shir has evolved into one of many denominations. However, we still call ourselves “L’Shir” which in Hebrew means “to song” referring to raising a glass, and cheering for making music! 


L’Shir competes annually in the ICCA. In 2022, L’Shir won 2nd place in quarterfinals along with Best Arrangement for Zac Burns’ “Skipping Stones and Fireflies” by Cody Fry, and Best Soloist for Drew Dunne’s performance of “If I’m Being Honest” by Kieran Rhodes, earning them a spot at semifinals at Berklee College of Music in Boston. There, our now music director, Zac Burns, won the award for Best Arrangement again for his arrangement of “Skipping Stones and Fireflies.” In the 2018 and 2020 ICCA, L’Shir placed first in their Northeast Quarterfinals. In 2018, the group won Best Choreography for their entire set, along with Best Arrangement with Raelynn Giuffre’s rendition of “Haze” by Amber Run. In 2020, the group won Best Choreography for the entire set, as well as Best Arrangement with Lars Boyle’s rendition of “Movement” by Hozier. 


Members of L’Shir often refer to themselves as a “L’Family” because of the close-knit relationships they have formed in the group. 

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